Our doulas attune to the dynamic of each family, helping them achieve their best birth and postpartum experiences.

"Doulas do not 'empower women'. Women already hold the power they need to birth the way they feel is best. A doula simply encourages clients to hone and use the power they hold deep within themselves."

-Celia Clark, Birth and Postpartum Doula


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Carolina Family Doulas cares for your entire family. We strive to build strong, supportive relationships with everyone we serve. You can trust your doula to care for you and every member of your family as she would care for her own family.

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Our doulas have years of experience supporting expecting and postpartum families. Each doula holds a unique skill set based on a foundation of thorough training, rooted in extensive knowledge, and grounded in the desire to provide unbiased support to new parents.

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We celebrate that every family is unique. Our doulas work with you to provide care that is exactly tailored to your own needs. Your goals are our goals, so rest assured that Carolina Family Doulas is committed to supporting your choices.